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My name is Holly and I have a passion for helping people realize that small, smart changes can make a profound positive impact on your health and overall life.

I believe that individual health is ever-evolving, and everyone is different so lifestyle, diet, treatment, exercise, stress-management, and more should vary from one individual to another.

I also believe that our bodies are beautifully and wonderfully made, and if we treat and feed them well, they will treat us well right back.

Let’s rewind…my whole life I have been extremely active — from competitive water skiing, soccer, basketball, college cheerleading, to training at the gym daily — movement has given me LIFE! “Healthy eating” was also something I valued, however, I was also the person that would move extra just so I could have one extra cookie. And I got caught up in a great deal of the diet dogma and calorie counting. That was until it flipped my world upside down.

‘Twas the beginning of what felt like the end: An abscess, followed by immediate wisdom teeth removal (which was literally AWFUL, and to this day I swear I have not fully recovered), a dry socket, an infection in October. A few rounds of antibiotics and 2 1/2 months of (not great) recovery led me to a root canal and more antibiotics. That was January. By April I had bloating and digestive discomfort that was unbearable. Oh and I stopped having my period…

Since I can remember I’ve experienced irregular digestion and irregular periods so at first I just rolled with it. Until it led to tears, bailing on socializing, buying a bunch of loose shirts (because I legitimately looked pregnant…), constipation that would leave me without passing stools for days at a time, and digestive pain so horrible that it would set me back hours at a time. On top of that I experienced fatigue, poor sleep, depression, anxiety, and reclusiveness like never before.

I saw two general practitioners, a GI doc, and an OBGYN. None could explain what the heck was going on, and ultimately left me feeling crazy and like it was MY fault that these things were happening.

For example, it seemed as though it was MY fault that my colonoscopy prep did not leave me sleeping in the bathroom. In fact, after drinking half a gallon of the prescribed laxatives the night before I did not even poop. (The silence from the doctor on call told me he had NEVER heard of such a thing.) My GI doc the next day was quite unhappy with me. And my questions frustrated her. I realize now that she was not equipped to answer my questions.

A pelvic floor physical therapist, dietitian, and acupuncturist later, I landed in a functional medicine office with a functional medicine doctor who gave me my life back.

He listened. He relentlessly dug into my case. He treated my body as a whole and treated me as an individual. He looked beneath the surface. He ensured me that I wasn’t crazy and I was not making everything up. We discovered I was hypothyroid, had female hormones of a menopausal woman, adrenal fatigue, was dealing with heavy metal toxicity, and EBV. WHEW! A lot. And a lot of things that my doctors never looked at.

Without giving away too much of my story, I will tell you that things are day and night better. And every day I strive to support my body and health through real food, movement, mindfulness, and positive vibes.

Stick around and I’ll share more of my story, as well as tips, tricks, and recipes to help you support the best version of your health and LIFE!




Discover your purpose. You will then uncover what makes you extraordinary, and use your unique gifts to change the world.
— Holly Smothers