Trial & Error

Between elimination diets, a blood test to see what foods might not be agreeing with me, and simply practicing awareness I have come to realize what foods are not good for ME. While there are some typical inflammatory foods, we are all different. You’d be shocked to know that for a while I could not eat chicken, avocados, sweet potatoes, cinnamon, or drink coffee without some serious issues.

After spending a lot of time healing my gut I can eat/drink all of those foods IF they are organic, aside from chicken. Maybe one day!

NTP Program

As a student in the NTP program I have learned a vast amount of new information, as well as confirmed a lot of research and reading I have done prior to and outside of the program. I love that this program emphasizes that food is medicine, but also recognizes that there are other factors to consider and encourage, such as mindfulness, preparation, digestive function, and etc.



“The more you learn, the more you know. The more you know, the more you grow.” - Dr. Seuss

I have spent hours reading, listening to podcasts, and watching videos from holistic/integrative/functional medicine gurus to learn how individuals can support optimal health through food and other natural approaches. What started as research to improve my own health turned into wanting to learn as much as possible so I can help as many people as possible.


Aside from Junie B. Jones, the Twilight series, and The Hunger Games series — oh and Dr. Seuss books, I have never been much of a reader. Once my interest in finding optimal health naturally I became a bookworm. I have found books to be the very best resources to learn from, and bookmark/highlight to reference back to.