Fitness Background

Movement, sports, and fitness have been an integral component of my life, health, and happiness. From an athletics standpoint growing up my priorities were soccer, basketball, and competitive show (water) skiing. By the time I made it to high school I wanted to give cheerleading a shot. Despite years of training for the other sports I played, my heart and soul were ultimately with cheerleading. Fast forward a few years and I spent my 4 year college career at The University of Missouri (Mizzou) on the cheerleading team.

My journey in the gym started junior year of high school and has greatly evolved. I spent the early years of college focusing on cardio thinking it would keep me thin, then spent my senior year lifting weights and embracing strength. My understanding of exercise and movement, as well as my respect, attentiveness, and love towards my body has changed.

My Fitness Mindset

Lifting weights — heavy or light — is something I intend to do for the rest of my life. But now, it is in combination with body weight, fitness classes, occasional cardio, long walks, yoga, resistance training, and functional movement. I have a gym membership, do things at home (like yoga on my DownDog app, rebound on my mini tramp, or body weight exercises), run outside, or utilize my CityShape pass to hop around studios in Kansas City!

I have always said that the gym is my playground, and my workouts are recess. Just like at recess, I do not force myself to do things that are not suited for me on that specific day.


Move well.
Move often.

Movement is a fundamental component to optimal health, feeling good, and yes, looking good. And remember, STRENGTH is sexy.

Join  CityShape  and choose whatever workout you feel like doing that particular day.

Join CityShape and choose whatever workout you feel like doing that particular day.

Photo by  CityShape

Photo by CityShape