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Body Boosting Broccoli Soup

All of the flavor and creaminess of a bowl of broccoli cheddar soup, but without the dairy. This stuff is easy and has been a constant recipe I’ve cooked.

Air Travel Tips
For The Health Conscious

Air travel can be quite stressful. Even more so if you are sticking to your healthy habits. Well I’m here to tell you that it isn’t as hard as you may fear.

Basic (but totally bomb) Bacon Brussels

The flavor in this recipe is unreal and so simple. No spices needed and minimal ingredients: Brussels sprouts, bacon, walnuts, and dried cranberries.



It is easy to run around as you adventure through life — but always, always take time to breathe. Look around and recognize your surroundings. Breathe in the air. Let it warm you, refresh you, and help you connect to yourself and the world around you. This world is so beautiful and has SO much to share if we stop to receive it.


Nutritional Therapy

I truly believe we all have a unique opportunity to move the world with our experiences and passions. Over the past couple of years, through my experience and passion, I have discovered part of my purpose in life: Help give others hope, knowledge, and guidance to support their optimal health.


Explore Outdoors.

Do not get caught up in the idea that exploration requires traveling to notable places. Go to a local park, find a state park near your home, or maybe take a mini road trip to a new place and explore (or of course, make a sweet vacation out of it).

There is something so magical, renewing, and peaceful about exploring the outdoors. Breathe the air. Take mental photographs. Take your shoes off and feel the ground/water. Listen. Truly listen to the sounds of nature — critters, water, wind. And maybe, flip upside down!


The Kitchen Is Your Canvas

Many people fear the kitchen because they “do not know how to cook,” they don’t have recipes, they don’t have ingredients for recipes, the picture-perfect plates on Instagram are intimidating, etc.

I encourage you to make space in your life to create in the kitchen. Let it be your canvas. Paint (cook) with all of the colors, try mixing things together, try new layers, add the {colors} you like, arrange the food on your plate into a shape…make it your own! Enjoy it. Be present. Connect. Nourish.

Just as art is art whether it looks like a perfectly painted landscape, or is splattered paint, your kitchen creations are ART and can truly bring you energy and life.


Your Story Has A Purpose

At the beginning of my health journey I was frustrated, scared, and constantly wondered things like, “Why me?” “When will this get better?” — As I continue to seek optimal health, I thank God for putting me through these things, and not giving me any easy resolutions.

I am honored and feel truly best that I have gone and continue to fight through different speed bumps because it drives me to work harder, learn more, and strive to love, support and understand deeper — and ultimately, look at my God for continued hope, grace, joy, and peace.